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The International Journal of Applied Science and Researches is an open-access journal that publishes scientific papers that present novel information/data and are of scientific importance. The scope of our journal covers all of the applied sciences including the forestry, aquaculture, engineering branches and natural sciences. In IJASTR, it is aimed to complete the peer-review and revision process within 2 or 3 months. 

In parallel with our social responsibility objectives, we donate 10% of our after-tax revenue to the NGOs helping stray animals, homeless people, and disadvantaged segments of the society. We strongly believe that the first goal of science is to increase the quality of life of society. The NGOs, to which we’ll make the donation, are determined in accordance with the necessities of relevant period. Our journal is published electonically and there is no printed version. It is an Open Access Journal in order for all the readers to be able to make use of all the scientific contributions made by the authors.


There are many reasons for submitting your manuscript to IJASTR. The proofreading service that we offer free of any charge (except for throughout corrections) is only one of them. We believe in academic freedom and we also believe that any paper meeting the scientific criteria shall be published for the benefit of readers.

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